New York City Plumber

New York City Plumber is the tricky plumber game in which you need to use your mental resolve to create plumbing lines for the water to flow. New York's plumbing system has been totally messed up! The city needs you to use your quick thinking and puzzle solving skills to create routes for the water to flow to its destination.

Makes sure that the lines all connect up without any gaps because if there are then when the taps get turned on it will flood the city! As you can imagine, there are a lot of pipes under a city as big as New York. Make sure you keep battling through this endless pipe game for a high score.

Release Date

June 2014 and updated in July 2018.


Playtouch developed this game.


  • An endless connecting game about the plumbing system
  • New York city background
  • Pipes that are connected are highlighted


Web browser (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android version.



Use left mouse button to rotate a pipe.
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