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My Dolphin Show 2


Put on an amazing aquatic show in My Dolphin Show 2. The second episode of My Dolphin Show! Control your dolphin and perform amazing stunts show. The pressure is once again on - do you have what it takes to become a pro dolphin trainer and wow the crowd with your skills?

Play my dolphin show 2 and see if you can whip the crowd into a frenzy and entertain them. Crowd rating is extremely important - you must keep them happy by quickly performing tricks and stunts. If you fail tricks or are slow to move, they will soon lose interest!

Hurdles jumps, flips, and more

There is a huge array of cool tricks and stunts to perform such as:
  • Hurdle jumps
  • Beach ball bouncing
  • Instructor shunting
  • Splashing the crowd
  • Syncronized swimming
  • Tail flips and front flips
Follow the different instructions underwater - you can clearly see which stunts you must perform next and where the objects are that you can interact with. This second installment of my Dolphin Show brings several new items and tricks. You can even interact with trainers who swim in the water with your dolphin!

As usual, there are two types of show - the standard show, and the showtime special. Use the standard shows to boost your score and learn the different tricks. Once you are ready, take on the showtime special and see if you can make your dolphin shine. This special show is extremely challenging but the rewards are great.

Buy your dolphin epic costumes

With the cash you earn from successful shows, upgrade your dolphin and purchase new outfits. There is an amazing selection of new outfits to choose from - over 25. The outfits range from simple lobster costumes, right through to glittering gold suits and mermaids!

It is a challenge to unlock every outfit - you must be a skilled dolphin trainer to earn mega cash rewards. Remember that the showtime event is time-based - it is only available at certain intervals so be sure not to miss it! My Dolphin Show 2 is a great successor to the original title and has some great new tricks and features.

Release Date

December 2019 (HTML5)


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press WASD or arrow keys to control the dolphin.