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My Dolphin Show

(6,233 votes)
November 2019
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

My Dolphin Show - wow the audience! The first episode of My Dolphin Show. Control a cute dolphin and perform various cool tricks. This game for girls and boys is so much fun - take control of the water park and put on an amazing show in the small aquarium with your dolphin.

Your dolphin must be ready to impress and put on a big show. You must follow different instructions and put on the show by completing tricks, jumps, and more. Follow the commands shown on the screen and ensure that your timing is perfect.

The trainer and her dolphin must wow the crowd and complete these different moves to make them happy and improve your overall trainer rating. At the end of each show, you can purchase different types of dolphins and also some adorable dolphin costumes too.

What tricks and move can you complete?

To ensure you are ready for the big event, you must know the different tricks and moves expected in this dolphin game. The following are some examples of the free to play moves you can perform:
  • Hurdle jumps
  • Diving for fish
  • Jumping through hoops
  • Bouncing balls
Once the dolphin are ready, you can master these big time tricks and really wow the crowd at Sea World. Remember that there is a small aquarium but a big crowd so every move must be perfect. See if you can put on a show today and play this game to become the world’s best dolphin trainer.

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Release Date

January 2014 (Flash). November 2019 (HTML5).


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press WASD or arrow keys to control the dolphin.