Everyone knows the sayings..."Cats always land on their feet" and "Cats have nine lives", well you can put these phrases to the test in Mmeoww! The premise is simple: help the falling kitties and stop them from splatting on the concrete. If you are squeamish then this game may not be for you!

Much like the retro game breakout, you move a paddle across the screen and attempt to catch the falling balls of fur. As more kitties drop, you must move faster to save them all. Once you really get acustomed to the game, you can bounce the kitties back in the air to score extra points! How many cats will you save? Despite the gruesome splats, you will find yourself laughing at the funny noises and hilarious bouncing effect as you bop the kittens around the level.


This game is developed by Slight - a developer that has created other genres of browser game including maths games and puzzle games.


Move your mouse to move the catcher.
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