Mirkowanie Idle Money Clicker

Mirkowanie Idle Money Clicker is a fun idle game based on the awesome Polish Wykot community. You are a new community user and you must grab the attention of other users and raise your popularity. Start by clicking in the middle of the screen to generate love hearts and cash. You can then use this cash to purchase upgrades and improve your click rate.

Upgrade your like income and improve your heart generation. You can also use your cash to purchase upgrades. Don't forget to complete side missions for extra rewards and click on the treasure chests that appear - these chests contain large bounties. This game is progressive and each upgrade you purchase increases its next cost. Can you conquer this idle clicker and become a top Wykot community user?

Release Date

January 2018


Mirkowanie Idle Money Clicker is made by Donislaw Dev.


  • Funny messages
  • Information on every upgrade section
  • Many upgrade options


  • Web browser
  • Android



Left click to play.
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