Greedy Dwarves

Manage a dwarven mine and get all possible coins by selling the gold you extract.

Game Information

  • Mine cart wait: reduce the waiting time of the minecart
  • Gold x Click: increase the gold extracted with each click
  • New gallery: unlock a new gallery
  • Mine capacity: increase the capacity of the elevator and the minecart
  • Gold price: increase the coins earned for each gram of gold
  • Elevator wait: reduce the waiting time of the elevator
  • Add dwarf: hire a new dwarf for your mine
  • Dwarf extract: increase the amount of gold extracted by the dwarves
  • Dwarf speed: increase movement speed of dwarves
  • Auto extract: automatic gold extraction
  • Evolve dwarf: evolve a dwarf to the next level

Release Date

January 2020


Greedy Dwarves was made by BEAVER PROJECT.


Web browser, Android



Left click to play the game.
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