MiniMissions - epic battles of skill. MiniMissions is a 1 player version of 12 MiniBattles. In this game, you need to complete a set of challenges. Players must complete 80 different missions in a variety of different disciplines.

Ther retro graphics are fun and the gameplay has great potential. Players will keep entertained for hours with enjoyable missions.

What mini missions are available in this exciting game?

This game has an amazing array of levels. The mini games range from sports and combat to reflex games and puzzles. The controls are simple, and you will quickly pick up the different gameplay and rules. The following are some examples of missions:
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Dig
  • Frog
  • Jump
Have patience with the different games available - the controls are simple, but you must have excellent skill and timing to complete them all. Why not give this amazing and fun game a try and see how many of the missions you can conquer?

Release Date

November 2019


MiniMissions was made by Mariano Maffia.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


One-button game style. Play pressing the left mouse button.