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Jumping Games

Jumping Games - Try out different jumps and tricks to get by those troublesome obstacles and traps!

Jumping games are so much fun! This type of game covers a huge range of genres - from surfing and running, to sport and classic platform games. Jumping games require quick reflexes, skill and well-timed reactions. You must have quick fingers and be able to think several steps ahead. The Vex series for example is a classic jumping game - you must control a stickman and jump your way through various obstacles and perilous traps. Try it out in one of the Vex games (e.g. in Vex 5, the most recent game in the series). Color Switch on the other hand is a fun jumping game in which you must make your ball pass through various puzzles by repeatedly making it jump! Why not limber up and test out your bounce with our other amazing jumping games?


What are the most popular Jumping Games?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Miniblox
  3. Jump Guys
  4. Crazy Flips 3D
  5. Ninja Parkour Multiplayer
  6. Rodha
  7. Hoop World 3D
  8. Sniper Shot: Bullet Time
  9. MegamodGames
  10. Shadow Ninja Revenge

What are the best Jumping Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Jump Guys
  3. Ninja Parkour Multiplayer
  4. Mini Jumps
  5. Miniblox

What are some underrated Jumping Games?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Geometry Game

What are Jumping Games?

Ready, set, jump! Our collection of jumping games will test your skills and reflexes as you leap through various obstacles and challenges. Whether you're a fan of platformers, endless runners, or casual jumping games, we've got something for you. Get ready to jump into the fun!

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