Miniball is a fun soccer game that allows you to play top-down table football. The game takes inspiration from table football games that you see in bars and arcades. During each game you must score 5 goals before your opponent does to win the match. You can play vs AI opponents or 2 player action using dual controls – if you play vs. an AI opponent you can choose three difficulty levels – novice, semi-pro and pro.

During the game you control each row of footballers and must move them left and right to intercept and kick the ball – the ball is kicked automatically – you simply control the movements. Try to anticipate the movement of the ball and angle your players accordingly to pass the ball and shoot. 2 player games are huge amounts of fun and you can compete against your friends to become the miniball champion.

Release Date

October 2003


Miniball is developed by Ladbrokes.


  • 2 player mode
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • 3 difficulty level


  • Desktop browser

Single player controls

Use up and down arrow to move up or down.

Two player controls

  • For player 1, use up and down arrow to move
  • For player 2, use A and Z to move
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