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Microsoft Minesweeper


Microsoft Minesweeper is the 20-year old classic Minesweeper game reimagined for the web. You can play this legendary puzzle game using a touchscreen or your mouse and keyboard to uncover squares and flag potential mine spots!

How to Play


Uncover the empty squares while avoiding mines. You win the game by uncovering all the safe squares without triggering a mine. In the top right-hand corner, you’ll notice a timer and the number of mines left. Use this information to uncover all the safe squares as quickly as you can!

Avoiding mines

The numbers in each square indicate how many mines exist in adjacent squares. You can use this information to tactically flag potential mine spots using right-click, and using left-click, you can uncover (hopefully) safe squares. For squares you’re unsure about, click right-click on them twice to place a question mark. Squares with no number assigned are completely safe.


Think logically. If a number 1 is only touching 1 square, you can be certain it’s a mine. The same can be said for a 1 - 2 - 1 pattern in a straight line, you can mark the connected 1 squares with a flag.

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  • Classic Minesweeper with reimagined sounds and graphics
  • Convenient timer and mine counter to indicate progress
  • Helpful rules and tips available under the question mark icon
  • Daily challenges - complete them to earn points!

Release Date

April 2021


Microsoft Minesweeper is made by Microsoft.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)