Mecatron 1982

Mecatron 1982 is the robot arcade game in which you need to survive the deadly robot invasion. The year is 1982 and the hoard of robots are rebelling against the human race and attacking. This cult favorite game is based on the famous ROBOTRON!

It is up to you to fight them off single handedly using nothing but your skill and your gun. Use the jessie drone to save scientists within the military base and oh yeah do not forget, kill as many robots as you can! The PC version of this game is also available here:

Credits & Developer

  • Game by ROBOWARRIOR1982
  • DaFont Source: MotorBlock by Ben Branum, Maniac by Vladimir Nikolic

Release Date

July 2018


This game is a web browser game.



Use the mouse to move, left click to shoot and right click to change the direction of the shot! FIRE!
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