Legendary Warrior: Globlin Rush

Legendary Warrior: Globlin Rush

Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush is the arcade game in which you must defeat all of the goblins to complete the level. You are a legendary warrior known for his marksmanship with his legendary bow. Aim and shoot the goblins to defeat them in their hideout and complete the mission.

Hitting the goblins with your arrows will be no simple task as they move frantically around the map jumping from ledge to ledge. Prove your abilities by aiming and executing your shot to defeat all of the evil goblins. Take aim and fire!

Release Date

May 2018


Legendary Warrior: Goblin Rush was developed by QKY Games.


  • A fun archery game
  • Various goblin enemies
  • Physics element
  • 21 levels to play


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Hold left mouse button to aim, release to shoot the arrow.