Give Up is a brilliant platform game that is extremely challenging and leaves you wanting to simply give up! You can indeed give up by clicking the huge blue give up button that looms beneath the level as you play. Guide your character through a myriad of intense and challenging levels and try to persevere and beat the defeatist message!

You have an unlimited amount of lives per level and you will only stop when you are defeated. The levels start off really easy and you can simply run to the door. As you progress they become immensely difficult - you must avoid the spikes and jump between tricky platforms. Each time you fail, your character's remains are scattered onto the level as a grim reminder of your poor skills. Can you complete every floor and resist giving up?

Release Date

July 2012


Give Up is programmed by jmtb02, who has also made the amazing sequel Give Up 2, as well as many other great Flash games!


  • Increasing challenge in each new level
  • Words of encouragement to just give up
  • If you choose to give up, you can feel regret


  • Web browser



  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump

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