Jumping Kim
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Jumping Kim

Jumping Kim is the fun arcade game in which fearless leader Kim Jong-un is having a bit of fun jumping rope. You must click to make him jump at the correct time to clear the rope and land successfully. You may notice that buildings are destroyed when he lands a jump, this is because his landing is super powerful!

Do not displease the supreme leader by making him fall over who knows how he might react! There are plenty of new customers for him to wear and you can even upgrade certain items also. Good luck and get Kim jumping!

Release Date

May 2018 as mobile apps. The online version is released in July 2018.


Jumping Kim was made by Mana Pill.


  • Jumping rope game featuring Kim Jong-un
  • Various upgrades to buy
  • Many funny expressions
  • Unlockable Kim's new costumes


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Left click to jump.