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Jetpack Joyride

(7,849 votes)
February 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), iOS, Android

Jetpack Joyride is an endless runner where you fly a bullet-powered jetpack. Shoot down scientists and avoid deadly obstacles. Keep going for as long as you can, and pick up coins and power-ups along the way!


Run, dodge, and collect

Run endlessly avoiding homing missiles and lasers. Pick up as many coins as you can and travel the furthest distance possible without dying.

Buy upgrades to improve survivability

Use your coins to buy upgrades like little stomper, rocket boost, armor, and a gravity suit. Each upgrade item gives you an extra layer of protection and a unique ability.

Power-up your rocket man

As you get further you'll find power-ups like extra speed and a piggy bank that spills coins everywhere. You can also find upgrade items throughout the map as well as at the beginning.

Game Tips

  • Wait for the missiles to lock on before moving
  • The ceiling and floor are the safest places to run
  • Use free upgrades to get a head start

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Release Date

  • August 2011 (iOS)
  • September 2021 (Android)
  • July 2021 (HTML5)


Halfbrick Studios developed this game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Hold the left mouse button to fly and shoot.

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