It Is Adoorable
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It Is Adoorable

It is adorable is a fun puzzle game all about love! You control a cute cartoon character and can freely move him around the screen (you can even more him around the home screen too). Once you have figured out the puzzle on the home screen, you can then progress onto the actual puzzle itself!

You must guide your character through the three different puzzles – to complete each puzzle you must collect the golden key and then proceed through the unlocked door. You only have a certain amount of time to complete each puzzle so act fast! Once you have completed the puzzles, your character will rewind and you will create a written message! You can share this message with your friends and add a personalized text too if you wish!

Release Date

February 2015


It's Adoorable is developed by Nicky Case, who you can support on Patreon.


  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Adorable character and message


  • Desktop browser


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.