Hacker vs Robots
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Hacker vs Robots

Hacker vs Robots is an awesome typing game in which you work as a hacker with a mission to destroy all the invading robots. During each level you will encounter a range of different robots including spiders, flying robots and walkers. To destroy the robots using your missiles you must type the correct word or letter. As each robot approaches a word or letter will appear above their body – you must type the same letter or word to fire a missile at it!

You only have four lives and if you type a phrase incorrectly you will lose one life so type carefully but quickly! There are 5 different levels in total, each of which identifies the robots with a different type of character. The categories are Words, Numbers, Nonalphanumeric, Code and Everything. This game really does challenge your attention to detail and typing skills – how fast are your fingers? Can you defeat the robots?


Hacker vs Robots is developed by Tedium Interactive. You can support them here.


Use your keyboard to type. Press esc to pause.