Guy Slashing Stuff in the Future
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Guy Slashing Stuff in the Future

Guy Slashing Stuff in the Future is an aptly named title as this is exactly what you do - you control a guy (a ninja to be precise) and you must slash a variety of enemies with your samurai sword! The hero is Hayato and he has crafted a sword from a powerful energy cell - he wants to become a hero and thus embarks on an epic quest in the future!

During each stage you encounter a variety of futuristic bad guys and you must kill them all using your deadly energy sword. Keep an eye on your charge meter too as you can unleash a devastating energy attack that can hit multiple enemies. Work your way through each stage and help Hayato become the hero the future deserves!

Release Date

April 2018


Guy Slashing Stuff in the Future was made by Lonely Moon Games is a winner of Arcade Game Jam.


  • A fighting game in which you become a samurai that can unleash deadly slash and blast powerful energy
  • 2D side-scrolling view with pixel graphics
  • Retro theme
  • Enemies with a different ability
  • You can play using a controller


Web browser. We also have the Android version.


  • WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Hold X or J to charge and slash
  • G or C to shoot (when charged)
  • Esc or P to pause