Galaga: Special Edition

This is a special edition of the classig Galaga arcade game. An alien race called the Galaxians has attacked our beloved galaxy. As the defender of the galaxy, you must do what it takes to protect humanity.

Fly your spaceship and get ready to face the aliens. Your spaceship attacks automatically and you need to adjust your shots to be able to destroy the enemies. You can detach a satellite to help you to attack in other directions, but doing so will reduce one of your attack lasers. Destroy the enemy's weak spot to trigger a chain explosion and pick up the power-up to make your laser gun stronger. Besides the main campaign, the game also features various challenge modes. Can you successfully defend the galaxy?


Galaga Special Edition is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.


Spaceship controls

  • Use WASD or arrow keys or drag the left mouse button on the spaceship to move
  • Space bar to detach and reattach a satellite
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