Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a challenging arcade game in which you must try rise up a maze full over obstacles and traps. If you are a fan of the world famous Flappy Bird game then you will love this game which involves flying a bird upwards rather than side-scrolling.

The game is simple, flap as high as you can without colliding with any obstacles in your path. The game is endless as long as you can keep rising, it will get more difficult the further that you progress as more obstacles are introduced at faster speeds. Good Luck!

Release Date

Flapping Bird was initially released as an Android app in November 2017. The WebGL version has been available since October 2018.


Flying bird is made by Radoi Teodor.


  • A fun and simple physics-based game
  • You control a hilarious looking yellow bird
  • You can only flap to the left and right side
  • Many obstacles along the way


  • Web browser
  • Android



  • A or left arrow: fly left
  • D or right arrow: fly right
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