Flip Runner

Master the art of parkour in Flip Runner! In Flip Runner, you need to do parkour runs and also still doing the amazing flips over the buildings. The game uses animated ragdoll physics and the character responds to your controls. This title is perfect for both touch screens and web browsers.

First, complete the tutorial - this teaches you the basics of the game and how to make your character jump and flip. Once you have completed the tutorial, there is a huge amount of tricky challenges to progress through. This is parkour at it’s most dangerous - jumping over rooftops and in-between skyscrapers.

The customer physics engine in the game is realistic and the graphics look awesome. It is clear the developer of flip diving understands this sport. If you get the jumps and flips wrong, your character may receive a fatal accident!

Upgrade characters for maximum parkour

Aside from the cool gameplay, users can upgrade their characters too. There are three stats to upgrade - jump power, tuck power, and confidence. Each stat costs coins to upgrade which you earn from completing levels. Train the characters so that you can perform more complex jumps and awesome flips.

Progress through the city and unlock new areas

As you play, you can unlock new and exciting levels throughout the large city. Different areas have new challenges. Furthermore, as you play through the city, unlock new flip types such as backflips, running flips, and front flips.

This original physics based parkour game is so much fun and offers an entertaining parkour experience.

Release Date

  • April 2019 (iOS)
  • May 2019 (Android)
  • November 2019 (WebGL)


Flip Runner was developed by MotionVolt Games, the same developer who made other flipping games, such as Flip Diving and Flip Master.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Use left mouse button to play the game.

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