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Kogama Games

If you love being creative and designing awesome game for you and your friends to play then you will appreciate our host of Kogama titles! What is better than grabbing a few friends and jumping in to a pixel world that you have created. Become part of the social gaming scene that allows you to build your own world and share it with others. If you want some inspiration you can play other people's games and then rate them too. View the leader boards of the best created titles and see if your game is near the top! The following three games are a handful of the best Kogama games that we host: One of most popular titles is Kogama: Escape from Prison. In this game you and your team mates must work together to try and come up with an escape plan. This will challenge your mental resolve as it can be very difficult to solve the challenges. The second title is called Kogama: School is just super. In this game you can explore the 3D pixel world with awesome jet packs and super cars. Finally, we have Kogama: WindWalk which is another game full of blocky-fun. You can jump from ledge to ledge, flying through the air as you catch currents. Give our selection of Kogama games a try or have a browse at some of our other titles. You will be creating blocky-fun in no time!


What are the most popular Kogama Games?

  1. Kogama War 4
  2. Kogama: 2 Player Tron 1.9
  3. Kogama: The Elevator
  4. Adopt a Cat or Dog to Your Family
  5. Adopt Children and Form Your Family
  6. Cube Gun
  7. Kogama: Dungeon Run
  8. Kogama Roller Coaster World
  9. Kogama: World Racing
  10. Kogama: Adopt Me

What are the best Kogama Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

    What are Kogama Games?

    Enter the virtual world of Kogama, where anything is possible. From racing to puzzle solving, building to exploring, there's always something new to discover in this vast online community. Join millions of players worldwide in this never-ending adventure.

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