Extermination is a fantastic shooting game in which you must try and eliminate every enemy on each level. You control a simple character using the WASD keys to move and you must be quick, agile and utilise the walls as cover. Try to take as little damage as possible as you only have a certain number of hit points – eventually if the damage becomes too much you will die.

As you progress you must collect money and use this money to purchase new weapons and equipment to make your character strong and survive for longer. Can you complete every level and exterminate all your foes?

Release Date

April 2018


  • 2D shooter game with pixel graphics
  • Many opponents with different strength and weapons
  • Buyable weapons and equipment
  • You can see the shooting delay of each opponent
  • Many challenging levels to play


Web browser



  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Space bar to pick-up a weapon
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