Dead Horizon

Dead Horizon is a story based shooting game in which you follow the life of Bonnie Star. Bonnie is a gunslinger who has gained a reputation as a sharpshooter and someone not to cross. In her past life she has had some truly horrible experiences and because of this she has learned to defend herself from evil. Due to her power and reputation, assassins are sent to eliminate Bonnie but she is prepared.

As you watch the story progress you are presented with various opportunities to draw and fire bonnie's firearms. You must use your mouse to un-holster her weapons and fire them to eliminate your enemies. Take down the assassins and help Bonnie prevail against evil. Can you become the ultimate gunslinger and discover Bonnie's story?


Dead Horizon is developed by Pixel Western / Emptygoddess. You can support the developer by making a donation here.



Move your mouse to control the gun.
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