Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a superb arcade game that allows you to play the classic arcade game of pong! You can play against a friend using split screen controls, or against an AI opponent. During each game, you must disable your opponents shields and try to score a goal by hitting the cube with your paddle. The cube bounces off the side of the table and you can alter its angle by hitting it from different points of your paddle.

As you play, different power-ups drop on the table such as extra shields and multi-cubes. To collect these power-ups you must hit the cube into them. In each game you start with three shields. These shields must be destroyed before you can win the match. As you complete more matches, the AI becomes increasingly difficult and the speed of the cube and the paddles becomes faster. Once you have defeated the computer opponent, why not try and take on your friends?


Cube Slam is built as a Chrome Experiment using the latest web technologies, including WebRTC and WebGL. It uses peer-to-peer connections to send the game data!

2 Player

In order to play online against a friend, both of you need webcam and microphone.



  • AD or left/right arrow to move the paddle
  • Space bar to pause
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