Crunchball 3000

Around the end of the third millennium, there was peace and order all across the world. But to achieve this, the government had to put some strict rules into place, among which the banning of sports, to guarantee the safety of the people. Everyone was glad with the peace and order, but they missed the excitement and chaos of the sports. So they started to organise illegal underground sporting events. To prevent these from happening, the government decided to allow one sport. This sport would be carefully regulated but it would also contain the chaos and excitement that the people yearned for. They named it Crunchball 3000. The objective Crunchball 3000 is really simple: get the ball as many times as possible in the goal of your opponents and stop your opponents from getting the ball in your goal.
This game was produced by ESPN Arcade.


Use WASD to run in different directions, use G to throw/tackle, J to change formation, H to pass/ change player and P to pause.
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