Crossy Road
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Crossy Road

Help the chicken cross the road in Crossy Road. Crossy Road is one of the original and epic mobile app titles that has similar gameplay to the awesome Frogger. For those of you who have never played Frogger, you basically have to make your way across a stream jumping on logs and lily pads etc. Crossy Road uses a similar premise but you have to cross a busy road bustling with dangerous traffic.

You must look at the speed of the traffic and move as quickly as possible whilst anticipating the moving vehicles and avoiding being smashed onto oblivion. The game is endless and you must simply try and cross as many roads as possible and register a high score. Although extremely simple, this game is hugely addictive and will challenge your reactions for sure!

Play crossy road today and experience the phenomenon that swept the world. Join millions of people from around the world who have taken this big screen challenge. Although the gameplay is extremely simple, the game is so addictive. You will find yourself continually restarting and trying to beat your top score.

Crossy Road Tips

To cross the road on your big screen, great reflexes, reactions, and timing are required. Firstly, you must watch the speed of the different vehicles - cars, lorries, and trains all move at different speeds. Some are really fast and require greater timing.

Secondly, look at the movement patterns. Each row of traffic has a particular movement pattern that repeats itself. Watch and learn the patterns so you can anticipate when to move across the road. The trains are the hardest to anticipate as they move extremely fast and can catch you off guard.

Thirdly and finally, take one step at a time. You could get lucky playing crossy road and simply rush through the traffic. It is advisable, however, to simply move one step at a time. Conquer one line of traffic, stop, and assess the situation. This way, you can avoid making rash mistakes and hopefully progress further.

Give these tips a try today and see how far you can progress when playing the amazing Crossy Road! Don’t forget that you can unlock new characters to play with, and new obstacles to avoid such as dinosaurs and lava - these are gained through collecting coins as you cross the maps.

Release Date

November 2014


Crossy Road was made by Hipster Whale.


  • A fun arcade game to go as far as possible by avoiding various kind of things in different areas
  • Many characters to play
  • 2D blocky-style graphics
  • Free coin gifts
  • Simple controls


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Use WASD or arrow keys or space bar to move.