Countries of the World

Countries of the World is the challenging knowledge game in which you must use your geography skills to correctly guess all of the countries on the map. The map quiz will start by lighting counties in red, you must then try to guess the country. For every incorrect guess you will lose points meaning that you are another step further away from reaching the perfect score.

If you believe your self to be a bit of an expert then up to difficulty as there are three to choose from. If you get stuck the name of the country will appear after three incorrect guesses. Good luck!

Release Date

November 2017


Oleg Nikishov developed this game. You can also play this game on his website. If you are looking to support the developer, check out the Patreon page.


  • Map quiz game of countries around the world
  • 3 difficulty options
  • After several wrong guesses, you can see the correct location
  • Zoomable map


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to choose a location.
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