Countries of Europe

Countries of Europe is the geographical quiz game that challenges you to know the names of all of the countries within Europe. The game will begin by asking you questions that will answer by selecting the correct country with your mouse. As you over the countries they will light up red, click to select the country as your choice.

You must try to get the perfect score by answering the questions correctly first time every time. If you make a wrong selection then you will lose points. There are 30 questions in total to answer correctly so it will push your knowledge on Europe to the maximum. Good luck!

Release Date

November 2017


Countries of Europe is made by Oleg Nikishov. You can support the developer via this link and can play this game as well here.


  • European countries map
  • You see the currently selected country's name
  • 30 questions in each game
  • Simple interface


Countries of Europe is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Use left mouse button to choose a country.
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