Counter Terror

Counter Terror is an epic 2D pixelated shooting game. You are an elite soldier in a counter terrorist unit and you must use your battlefield skills to eliminate the terrorist threat and save the hostages. A mad scientist has sent out terrorists to do his bidding - you must try and bring him down.

Try to be tactical and don't simply run in all guns blazing - this is a game of strategy not just pure guns and glory. Think about your movements and when you attack the enemies. If you want, you can take on the terrorists on your own, or you and a friend can play using dual controls! Become a counter terrorists soldier today!

Release Date

May 2013


Counter Terror is made by Moonloop.


  • Tactical shooting game
  • Side-scrolling view
  • You can play solo or together with your friend on the same computer
  • Eight missions to complete with three difficulty options


This game is a web browser game.


Single player controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot
  • Z to jump
  • C to use an item
  • S to switch item

2 players controls

  • To move, player 1 use WASD and player 2 use arrow keys
  • To shoot, player 1 use 5 and player 2 use 9
  • To jump, player 1 use 4 and player 2 use 8
  • To use an item, player 1 use 6 and player 2 use 0
  • To switch item, player 1 use E and player 2 use P
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