Burger Chef

Burger Chef is a food tycoon game in which you have decided to fill out your long term dream and have opened up your very first burger restaurant. You are not only the owner of the restaurant you are also the head chef in charge making all of the delicious food being served to your customers.

Your Unique selling point is that you make burgers to your customers request. If they want two patties, you give them two patties, if they want extra tomatoes, you do so. The customer is king in this game and for your burger shop to be successful you need to keep them happy. Good luck!

Release Date

Burger Chef was initially released as an Android app in June 2018. The HTML5 version has been available since October 2018.


  • Burger restaurant game
  • Different ingredients to put together
  • Successful orders requirements in each level
  • The customers can get angry and leave if you let them wait too long
  • Three game modes: career, time attack, and chef championship


  • Web browser
  • Android



Use left mouse button to choose an ingredient.
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