Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker is an awesome puzzle game with similarities to the iconic Super Breakout and Pong. You must control a paddleboard and use it to bounce a ball into various different shapes on each level. The graphics are cool and the gameplay uses a galactic theme – the balls look like shooting stars! Your paddle changes size and as you progress the gameplay becomes increasingly difficult.

As you continue to play, the balls become faster and you must move your paddle quicker to keep bouncing them. You can collect a range of different power-ups during play also such as multi-balls and an increase in paddle size. Have fun on this amazing game today and try to complete every level!


Brick Breaker is developed by Playtouch.

Also Known As

Brick Breaker: The Ultimate Challenge


  • Simple graphics and gameplay
  • Power-up system
  • Buyable power-ups


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Move your mouse to control the paddle's movement.
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