Hex Color Idle

Hex Color Idle is a unique idle game in which you must work to develop a range of hexadecimal colors. With over 16,000 different colors to make this game has endless possibilities and will keep you entertained for hours. You must use the 5 paint squares to create a mix of different colors – depending on the mix you have, this will affect your chances of creating a new color.

The colors you create can be moved between the paint and pallet trays and you can sell your excess paint for additional funds. Use the funds to purchase upgrades such as increase money generation, increase percentage chance of a new paint, and decreased time to generate a new paint. Can you work your way through all the colors, from black, blues, greens, oranges to reds and yellows and purples?

Release Date

December 2017


Hex Color Idle is developed by Myafkish.


  • Lots of colors to create
  • Many talents that can be purchased
  • You can reset the game after playing long enough to get more gold paints


  • Desktop browser
  • Mobile browser



  • Drag left mouse button to move the color (on desktop)
  • Double touch to move insert the color (on mobile)
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