Bomb Rain - Tap Reflex Game

Bomb Rain – Tap Reflex Game is an awesome arcade game in which you must try and tap all of the individual bombs before they reach the ground. The initial levels start off easy and you only have to tackle a couple of bomb types. As you progress you will encounter different bombs types that have a myriad of behaviors.

You must have fantastic reactions and try to act as quickly as possible – if any of the bombs hit the floor you have to restart the level! You can pick up various different items to help destroy the bombs. Beat every level and stop the Bomb Rain!

Release Date

February 2017 (Android). December 2018 (WebGL).


DonislawDev made Bomb Rain - Tap Reflex Game. You can follow the developer on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Level up and buy upgrades
  • Destroy various types of bombs
  • Pick up various types of items
  • Build town
  • Drink potions
  • Find treasures
  • Mini quests
  • Customize bombs effects and music


  • Web browser
  • Android


Left mouse button to destroy the bomb.
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