Aviation Boxes

Aviation Boxes is a fun and unique platform game in which you must control a strange device that has four boxed and four propellers - each box thrusts the device in a different direction. You must control each box and propeller separately with a different key and you must try and work the engines together to move the device through each level.

The controls are difficult, but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that the assigned keys change continually so you have to keep figuring out which key controls which propeller. You have to keep moving upwards otherwise the rising lava will swallow your device and destroy you!

Release Date

November 2017


Aviation Boxes was made by Jonny Ree. You can support the developer via this link.


  • Constantly changing controls
  • Challenging gameplay with awesome physics
  • 4 different boxes to control
  • Lava that is constantly moving upside


Web browser



  • Use your keyboard to press the assigned buttons
  • Press space bar to enter to retry (after the game is over)
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