Astro Ballz

Astro Ballz is a space-themed arcade game in which you must keep a pinball in the play area by not letting it fall off of the bottom of the screen. This space-themed Atari Breakout/Arkanoid game will challenge your reflexes as you must quickly react to the movements of the ball to keep it from falling off of the bottom of the screen due to gravity.

You must destroy all of the planets by aiming the ball into them; they will be destroyed with each impact. Destroy them all to complete the level. Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


PIXIEDUST CATBOX made this game.


  • 160 awesome levels to play
  • Cool space-themed objects and voice
  • Smooth physics
  • A different challenge in each level


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Move your mouse to control the paddle.
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