Armored Kitten

Armored Kitten is not your ordinary shooter game - you control a cute and cuddly kitten who wears body armor and carries a pistol! You must fight your way out of the laboratory and destroy the mutants and test subjects you encounter as you progress. During each level you can pick up a variety of other weapons such as machine guns and shotguns.

Furthermore you can upgrade your kittens statistics and purchase new weapons with the coins and energy you collect. You can upgrade your cats health, speed, accuracy and critical hit chance and also purchase weapons such as a sawn off shotgun and an AK47. As you progress the enemies become tougher and you must complete various objectives during each level. The gameplay is fun and the variety of weapons are many. Can you destroy the waves of monsters with your cute kitty?



  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
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