ChowChow is a cool puzzle game involving hungry animals and their food! You aim simple – you must feed the animals their favorite good and stop them from becoming hungry. This might sound easy, but you must think carefully about the placement of your jumps and where the animals will jump.

You must keep areas free and ensure that your animals have space to jump over the food once they have eaten it. If they are blocked, then you have to restart the level! As you progress more food and animals are added to the mix which makes your decisions takes much tougher. Can you satiate your animals’ hunger in ChowChow?

Release Date

December 2018


Team ZebraZ (CS4154) made this game.


  • A cute animal puzzle game
  • Featuring rabbit, squirrel, cat, and tiger
  • More than 30 levels to solve


ChowChow is a web browser game.


Press left mouse button to choose a location to jump.
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