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Hidden Object Games - interact with your surrounding to find vital clues and objects! Sort by top, most played, or new using the filters.

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The Best Hidden Object Games

Most hidden object games are point and click, which means you have to click on the hidden object to find it. Many of them also include problem-solving and puzzles.

Casual and addictive

Home Makeover: Hidden Object is a free hidden object game where you point and click at items in a room to sell them to customers. 

Makes you think

Faraway: Puzzle Escape incorporates logical thinking and puzzle-solving with a superb story based on uncovering the tracks of previous explorers and finding the way out.

Great all-round fun

Another one of our top hidden object games is Hunter and Props. Unlike the point and click titles, this is an FPS game where one team has weapons and the opposite team members disguise themselves as objects.

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Play for Free

The hidden object games in our collection are free to play in your web browser, with no download required. You can play for an unlimited amount of time, so if hidden object games are your thing, go wild. Many of these games are available on PC or mobile.

Similar Genres

Many hidden object games feature puzzles, mystery, and problem-solving. So, if you like these, there’s every chance you’ll enjoy our puzzle games and logic games too!

What are Hidden Object Games?

Hidden object games are about finding all the hidden objects in a given area. You often need to find several objects on-screen, some of which aren’t in plain sight. Come back for your fix of daily hidden object games!

We collected 39 of the best free online hidden object games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new hidden object games such as and top hidden object games such as Hunter and Props, Faraway: Puzzle Escape, and Monster Basement.
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