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Anti Chess

Anti Chess introduces you to a twisted world, in which the goal is to sacrifice your pieces. Practice with different pieces such as the bishop, Queen, pawn, or others, and try to lose quickly. Here are some interest rules you should know about:
  1. When a player's piece is in a position to kill the opponents' piece, the player has to commit that move.
  2. The game is not over if the King is killed. There is no checkmate in Anti Chess.
  3. The game is over when one of the players has all of their pieces killed.
  4. There is no castling in this version of the game.
  5. Like in regular chess, when a pawn reaches the end of the board, it gets promoted to a Queen.
  6. If there is a situation where no player can make any more moves, the player with the lower number of chess pieces wins the game.

This game is made by Devils Garage. Make sure to try the mobile version as well!