8 Legs to Love

8 Legs to Love is a cool and unique simulation game in which you must control and cute and adorable 8-bit spider! You will not find any other simulation game like this - control your spider and attempt to spin a web to try and catch juicy flies and bugs!

You can spin your web wherever possible and connect it to different objects such as fruit. Be sure to make a complete and complicated web so that you can catch as many insects as possible to satiate your hunger! See what cool web designs you can make and see what it is like to be a spider!

Release Date

June 2017


8 Legs to Love is made by bridgs. You can play her other game in Just One Boss. To learn more about the developer, you can go to her Twitter and show some support by donating here or on Ko-fi.


  • Spider simulator game
  • 2D and pixel graphics
  • You are free to design the spider webs
  • Different bugs to eat
  • 6 levels to play, including a space map


Web browser



  • Arrow keys to move
  • Hold Z to spin a web, click again to place it
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