The Curious Expedition
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The Curious Expedition

The Curious Expedition is the adventure story game in which you will explore a map rich in mystery and excitement. As you travel from location to location you must make decisions that will shape your journey moving forward. How well you manage these decisions will make a big impact on your future

As you travel around you will follow a compelling story full of secrets to uncover and mysteries to be solved. You will come across unique characters on your quest and even have to battle some of the ones that stand in your way. Get your backpack ready and get exploring!

Release Date

September 2, 2016


Maschinen-Mensch developed The Curious Expedition.


  • An interesting storyline to follow
  • Various iconic characters to use
  • Point and click mechanism
  • Big world to explore
  • Roguelike gameplay with various events
  • Unique battle mechanism
  • 2D pixel graphics with beautiful artworks
  • Trading and sanity system


  • Web browser
  • Steam


This is the demo version.


Use left mouse button to play this game.