Deal or No Deal

Can you take the grand prize in Deal or no Deal? Play the online version of the classic Deal or No Deal game (from the various TV shows). Choose cases to knock the amount off the board.

Then the bank will make you an offer. It's up to you to decide if you take the deal... or not. Have fun!

This classic tv game show pits players against the banker and the luck of the boxes. The top prize is a staggering 1 million dollars but the odds are small of snagging this huge cash sum. Howie Mandel and Noel Edmunds are two of the most famous presenters of this amazing program.

Capture the magic of the TV show and win big

As with the tv show, the top offer is a prize of 1 million dollars. You can achieve this by eliminating the lower-value boxes. At the start, you must select your own box - this could potentially be the grand prize.

Once you have done this, the game is split into rounds. During each round you must eliminate a pre-determined number of boxes - the values are displayed either side of the playing field. T the end of each round, the banker makes an offer of cash depending upon which value boxes are remaining.

Continue like this until you are down to the last boxes, or you accept an offer. The gameplay is so much fun and the anticipation as you select each box is high. Out of all the game shows deal or no deal is certainly one of the most unique and fun to play.

Game strategies

This game is largely based on luck. One of the main strategies you can employ is to know your limits and concede when the odds are stacked against you. Accept an offer if it is a good one and if the remaining boxes are relatively low-value.

Alternatively, if you have a plethora of high-value boxes left, the chances of you getting an offer higher than the show deal is greater - in this instance it may not pay-off to accept the banker’s offer. The key is to judge each offer carefully and not sell yourself short.

Game Features

We have listed some of the basic game features of deal or no deal below:
  • Recreates the tv game show feel
  • Random gameplay with box-chosing mechanics
  • Authentic sounds and graphics
  • Simple point and click controls


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