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Weapon Games

Use some of the deadliest weapons around in these free online weapon games! Browse the best weapon games below and use the filters to sort by most played, new, and top.

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What are weapon games?

Weapons are a key feature in many gaming genres, from the earliest fighting and Flash games to the modern online FPS, RPG, and gun games of today.

Although it is more of a key element of many games than a genre, this category brings together games from all over the genre-verse that share this one simple ingredient in common. Whether its axes, bats, crossbows, bazookas, machine guns - all these games feature weapons in one or more of their many virtual forms.

Where to start with weapon games

The most straightforward weapon games involve you controlling a single player and fighting against enemy forces using one or more weapons. There are many online FPS games like Pixel Warfare, Bullet Force, and Krunker that let you play with an arsenal of guns in online battles.

Car combat carnage

If you enjoy your weapons strapped to a kart check out Smash Karts for fun online kart battles using a range of weapons to take down your opponents. You can also enjoy vehicular combat using a range of regular and supercharged automobiles in Burnin’ Rubber 5.

Simple weapon games

There are plenty of more modern, casual games that feature weapons. Check out CyberDino, Horde Killer, and Stickman Counter Terror Strike for more casual gaming options!

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the games that feature weapons - there are simply too many to cover in this description! Have a browse and try games out for yourself to find the games you love playing!


What are the most popular Weapon Games?

  1. Shell Shockers
  2. Smash Karts
  3. Bullet Force
  4. Stickman Battle Fight Warriors
  5. Time Shooter 2
  6. Shape Shooter 3
  7. Funny Shooter 2
  8. Getaway Shootout
  9. DEADSHOT.io
  10. Mini-Caps: Arena

What are the best Weapon Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Shape Shooter 3
  2. BattleDudes.io
  3. Getaway Shootout
  4. Time Shooter 2
  5. Time Shooter 3: SWAT

What are some underrated Weapon Games?

  1. Shell Shockers
  2. Smash Karts
  3. Left 4 Dead
  4. Krunker
  5. Zombs Royale (ZombsRoyale.io)

What are Weapon Games?

Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons and take on your enemies in these action-packed games. From guns to swords, these games offer a variety of weapons and challenges that will keep you engaged.

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