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Truck Driver Easy Road

(47,334 votes)
Falco Software
December 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Become a transport master in Truc Driver Easy Road. Truck Driver Easy Road is one of our 3D truck driving games.

Get behind the wheel of a truck and set off to conquer the world of cargo transportation! A big world with a destructible environment is waiting for you! Different loads or just driving around to enjoy the scenery.

This awesome game combines a trucking business with fun driving in the trucking industry. Become a commercial driver and deliver a variety of different cargo to customers. This game has excellent playability and will give you hours of fun with the various challenges and missions.

Carve out a trucking career and hone your driving skills

Before you enter the full story mode, you can practice in the free mode - this helps you get used to the controls, explore the map, and test out your driving skills. Once you are ready, you can enter the full game mode and hit the road as a professional truck driver.

There is also a fun parking mode in which you can try to complete a myriad of parking challenges within an allotted time. You must move around the red cones and avoid hitting them to get the best score possible.

Use the mini map to find new missions and truck stops

In the story mode, the minimap is one of your greatest assets. Press M on your keyboard to bring up a large map - where you can see your next mission, but also important places like trucking companies, gas stations, and places to sleep.

This game really does have great potential - make sure that you maintain control of the truck and keep your big rig well serviced so that you can keep it running and complete more cargo transportation missions!

Release Date

December 2019


Truck Driver Easy Road is made by Falco Software. They also made the hugely popular Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 and Dirt Rally Driver HD.


  • Different events on the map
  • Free Ride and Parking modes
  • Traffic
  • Police
  • Different trailers
  • 8 categories of goods
  • Truck damage system that affects driving
  • Change of day and night, different weather
  • Bleed your vehicle from technical to visual improvements
  • Get in your truck and go ahead to conquer new peaks
  • And much more awaits you!


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys: drive
  • C: change camera
  • Y: wipers
  • U: mud flaps
  • V: hand brake
  • M: map
  • Right mouse button: horn
  • Hold the left mouse button and drag: camera overview
  • P: pause
  • R: open the window on the left
  • B: look back
  • L: light