Conquer the arena against players in real time in Wormax2.io. If you enjoyed the first free to play browser version of Wormax.io then you will love this new and improved sequel. Wormax2.io brings all of the fun gameplay elements of the original and adds additional exciting features. The main change is that you now have three lives instead of just one.

This means that you will not be eliminated instantly from the game if you die. Choose your player name and get ready to enter the arena. Once in the game, you must fight for precious food against other players from around the world.

Try to grow your worm by collecting the fruit on the map. You must also try and dodge other players and avoid crashing into them otherwise you will lose a life. Don’t forget to use your speed boost to out-maneuver other players and cut them off! See how you fare today in the multiplayer online action game!

Release Date

May 2019


Elyland LLC made this game.


Web browser



  • Left click or right click or Q to use speed boost
  • W to stop the movement
  • E to become invisible
  • 1-5 to use a smiley

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