Play as a glowing line of electricity in Powerline.io, a multiplayer Snake-inspired .io game. This electric battle takes place in an arena that puts you at odds with other Powerlines. Destroy them and collect their energy crystals to get bigger!

How to Play Powerline.io


Surviving as a single line of electricity isn't easy, but it's what this game's all about. Much like Snake, if you move head-first into yourself, other players, or the border, you die. If you want to get those delicious energy crystals and become the ultimate Powerline, you have to trap other players so they go head-first into you. Then you can eat their leftover energy to surge in size and score more points.


Keep fighting for energy crystals to achieve a higher form. You can grow endlessly for as long as you can survive, but be warned, if you reach the top of the leaderboard, you become the electricity king! Being king marks you to all the other hungry Powerlines, who may attempt to overthrow you, the king, and consume all of your energy.


Getting close to other Powerlines gives you a surge of electricity which you can use to boost. The longer you can stay by another Powerline, the faster the boost. If you're quick, you can use it to get an edge over other players and trap them!


Powerline.io features a chat function you can use to communicate with other Powerlines. Use T to access various phrases you can direct towards other players.


This game is available as a web browser game, as an Android app, and as an iOS app.


Profusion Studios make Powerline.io. They also develop other popular .io games like Wings.io.



Use WASD to move (recommended).
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