Snake Games

Our snake games use the original snake gameplay but offer improved graphics and features. Control your snake and test your reflexes!


What are the most popular Snake Games?

  2. Worms.Zone
  5. Little Big Snake (.io)
  6. Happy Snakes
  9. Blocky Snakes

What are the best Snake Games to play on phones and tablets?

  2. Worms.Zone
  5. Little Big Snake (.io)

What are Snake Games?

Snake games allow you to take control of a variety of cartoon and 3D snakes with the sole intent of growing as large as possible! Snake games test your reflexes, mental power and fast fingers as you try and increase the size of your snake whilst navigating through an increasingly tight space!

Snake Game - eat, grow, repeat!

Snake is one of the most popular mobile phone games of all time. Nokia pioneered this game on their early devices. The early games had basic graphics - some even lacked color. Now we have a myriad of superb arcade games with advanced gameplay and super graphics.

What can you expect from online Snake games?

So do modern Snake games give you? The gameplay remains the same, but improved graphics and new multiplayer battles make for some interesting adaptations. The following are some main pointers about our Snake games:
  • Control a snake using the arrow keys
  • Grow your snake by eating food/objects
  • Avoid objects and the edges of the map
  • Compete against other players in multiplayer battles

Popular Snake inspired games

Here at Crazygame we have a brilliant selection of snake titles to play. These games range from simple single player copies of the original, to ic multiplayer snake-growing battles. The following are three popular titles in this genre: is one of the most popular snake and io titles available. It emulates the original gameplay - users must control their colored snake and collect gems to increase their size. Moreover, they must fight against other players to become the largest snake in the multiplayer arena. is another popular title that takes inspiration from the original snake game. This title allows players to control snakes that look like electrical power lines. They must avoid contact with others and use their boost at the right time to destroy their enemies.

Finally we have This is a snake game with a twist. Users must control their snake, but try to build territory by creating completed loops. This territory war is fierce and players must move carefully and with purpose to try and steal the enemies territory.

Why not give these superb snake games a try today?

We collected 71 of the best free online snake games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new snake games such as Classic Snake and top snake games such as, Worms.Zone, and
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