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Cem Demir
June 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), iOS

Venge.io is a multiplayer FPS game with capture-the-flag mechanics. Select your character, pick a weapon, and jump into the fast-paced action. Use your sharp skills and reflexes to dominate the leaderboard. Unlock cards and use them tactically against your opponents.

Venge.io Gameplay


Start a game with either Lilium or Shin and pick from four base weapons. Here's what's in the current arsenal:

  • Scar – suits mid/long-range combat
  • Shotgun – high-powered close-range weapon
  • Sniper – powerful long-range weapon
  • Tec-9 – short/medium range rapid-fire SMG

Whatever weapon brings you the most carnage, pick it, and use it to own your way to the top of the community leaderboard.


Each character has unique abilities known as cards, which you can use to your advantage against other players. Earn points for killing enemies and capturing the flag to unlock cards and move to higher tiers for more powerful moves. Use them tactically to subdue difficult enemies and take them down swiftly.

Similar Games

Venge.io provides an FPS feel similar to games like Krunker.io and Bullet Force. The game isn't overloaded with too many features, and the close-quarters combat makes for quick, reactive FPS gaming that's more skill-based than many popular titles.


  • Fast-paced FPS gameplay
  • Close-quarters maps
  • Unlockable skins, cards, and emotes
  • Clean 3D graphics for a smooth gaming experience

Release Date

June 2020


Venge.io is developed by Cem Demir (TheLlamaMomma).


Web browser (desktop and mobile). We also have the iOS version.


  • WASD to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • R to reload
  • E to do melee attack
  • F to throw items
  • B to buy
  • Shift or RMG to focus
  • H to dance
  • Enter to chat
  • Hold B to turn cards
  • LMB to shoot
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