Rumors of a mad scientist named Dr. Wisenstein were recently solidified by our agents and a small team of soldiers was deployed to investigate the case further. In Tactical Retreat, a wave-based tactical shooting game, you play as one of these elite soldiers and enter the castle. Together with your squad, you need to search the building, but a massive explosion made you lose contact with your teammates. You are all by yourself, in the darkness, and can only see vague shapes and strange sounds... Have fun with this game by Psionic Games!

Release Date

Initially released in October 2016 and updated with various improvements in March 2018.


Psionic Games made Tactical Retreat.


  • Intense 3D shooting game to defend the base from incoming monsters whilst rescuing the scientists
  • Two difficulty options
  • Random event after a level is cleared
  • Play point and click mini-game to search an area for junks
  • Upgradeable gun using the junks earned
  • Fullscreen


Web browser



  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot
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